UV-C Surface Disinfection

The 3 solutions to disinfect surfaces against Covid-19 virus

Covid-19 is spread through surfaces and contact. It is for that reason that people are advised to disinfect their hands often. This still leaves the Covid-19 virus on all kinds of surfaces where it is proven that the virus can survive for several days. In this way contamination remains a danger.

There are 3 solutions to inactivate Covid-19 on surfaces:

  • Disinfect surfaces with chemical disinfectants. Problem is that you need at least 30 seconds contact-time for the disinfectant to do its job. The daily practice is that (for instance in supermarkets) door handles are disinfected for 1 or 2 seconds which has hardly any effect. This process is also extremely time consuming and therefore very expensive. Chemical disinfectants are often environmental unfriendly.
  • Disinfect with chemical fumes or gasses. This is very effective, but this process normally takes several hours and people cannot be in the room/building during and 1 hour after treatment because of healthy reasons. Equipment and fumes/gasses are expensive as well.
  • Using UV-C light which inactivates virus and bacteria. You need enough Wattage (> 50 Watt UV-C lamps) so 99.9% of Covid-19 can be inactivated in less then 2 seconds. This method works extremely fast and effective.

Why choose UV-C system for surface disinfection and inactivation of Covid-19

Given the above SafeClearProducts has focussed on UV-C solutions because:

  1. It is proven to be very effective against Covid-19 (see Blog UV-C werking tegen Covid-19).
  2. You do not need chemicals (much better for the environment).
  3. You avoid high costs for chemicals and the UV-C process works fast so you also save on labour costs.

There are 3 UV-C product groups that are used in a professional manner for surface disinfection; UV-C bars/handheld units, so-called UV-C Towers and UV-C self driving Robots. ClearSafeProducts investigated and compared these 3 groups of products:

UV-C BAR: There are only a limited number of professional UV-C devices that effectively inactivate Covid-19. ClearSafeProducts has made a comparison of these UV-C Bar devices and selected the best; see Best Buy here.
UV-C Bar by ClearSafeProducts, The Netherlands
UV-C TOWER: These towers are used in hospitals, elderly peoples care centres, offices, police stations, beauty salons etc. Just place these towers in a room and 5 to 10 minutes later all surfaces that are radiated by the UV-C light are disinfected. ClearSafeProducts has made a comparison of these UV-C Towers and selected the best one; see Best Buy here.
UV-C Tower by ClearSafeProducts, The Netherlands
UV-C ROBOT: UV-C robots are used to disinfect rooms/surfaces/building fully automated. The robot can be programmed and will drive itself around and disinfect without the use and cost of chemicals and personnel. ClearSafeProducts offers the fastest, European made and most cost effective robot. See the UV-C Robot page for the unique characteristics.
UV-C Robot by ClearSafeProducts, The Netherlands

How much time do you need with UV-C to disinfect a surface

ClearSafeProducts has made a calculation on how much time you need to disinfect a surface to reduce Covid-19 by >99.9% using both product groups. See the results at the product pages for UV-C Bar and UV-C Tower.

Benefits UV-C surface disinfection



Very fast >99.99% Covid-19 reduction


No chemical disinfectants needed


Very high UV-C power