ClearSafe UV-C Space

Automatic air and surface disinfection

ClearSafe UV-C Space is the first disinfection system for air and surfaces that can operate up to 1.000 rooms from a distance. It is a revolutionary, patented solution for fast disinfection in a controlled manner. The advanced software and app gives you the opportunity to disinfect rooms from a distance and provide maximum hygiene service to visitors.

The high UV-C output realises fast and thorough disinfection levels. Because of the app, you can keep track on the rooms that are disinfected and manage a complete multiple room floor or even building.

ClearSafe UV-C Space by ClearSafeProducts, The Netherlands

How does the ClearSafe UV-C Space system work

Choose the right position for the lamps in a room, ClearSafeProducts can assist you. Connect the lamp(s) to the app, program the app and you are set. Every time the system operates, the ClearSafe UV-C Space disinfects both air and surfaces, so guests/personnel entering the room know that maximum care and safety has been applied. The detection sensors assure safety; when people enter the room by coincidence when the system is operating, the system will shut-down immediately.

ClearSafe UV-C Space app by ClearSafeProducts, The Netherlands

Where does the ClearSafe UV-C Space system works best

The ClearSafe UV-C Space is designed for buildings with multiple rooms/spaces where you want to control the disinfection routine. It therefore perfect for: Hotels, conference and meeting centres, escalators, laboratory, restaurants, fitness centres, schools, beauty centres, hair salons and (public) toilets.

ClearSafeProducts can help you to choose the configuration that fits best with your demands, please contact us for advice.

Benefits ClearSafe UV-C Space



Air and surface disinfection


Operation and control by app


System operates up to 1,000 rooms