Splash Protection Glasses

Why do Splash Protection Glasses need EU approval 2016/425?

At all medical interventions where employees could be in contact with anything that 'potentially could cause death or serious permanent injury' the employer is obliged to offer his employees EU 2016/425 certified splash protecion glasses or Face Shields. Since Civid-19 can cause death or permanent/long lasting injury all personnel that is professionally in contact with people that could infect them with Covid-19 should be offered 2016/425 certified products. This also includes home care workers, workers at Corona test-locations, health clinics etc.

Splash Protection Glasses by ClearSafeProducts, The Netherlands
Splash Protection Glasses by ClearSafeProducts, The Netherlands
Splash Protection Glasses by ClearSafeProducts, The Netherlands

Certification needs to be carried out by an official notified body. Self made 'declarations of conformity' are not enough, the 2016/425 permission can be given by national authorities as well.

The glasses offered by ClearSafeProducts are bought by the Dutch government (LCH) and approved according to the 2016/425 certification procedure at least until April 2021 by Ministry SZW (see CE 2016/425 certification). Notified body examination certification is in process.

Elements to compare Splash Protection Glasses

Comparing different Splash Protective Glasses is impossible. There are to many models, varieties and brands offered to make a decent comparison feasible. Elements that ClearSafeProducts did use to select the proper glasses are:

  • Approved according to EU 2016/425
  • Comfort to wear, also over prescription glasses
  • European made, in this case in The Netherlands
  • Transparency of the shield (especially important when you wear it for a longer time per day)
  • Replaceability of the shield (multiple use, see user instructions), therefore environmentally friendly and low cost.
Splash Protection Glasses by ClearSafeProducts, The Netherlands

Characteristics of the ClearSafeProducts Splash Protection Glasses

  • Frame made from PP (polypropylene)
  • Lenses can be replaced, frame can be re-used multiple times
  • Lightweigth, comfortable to wear
  • Good splash protection from different angles
  • Lenses made from A-PET material (see A-PET lenses characteristics)

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Benefits Splash Protection Glasses



EU 2016/425 approved by Ministry SZW


High comfort, good visibility, light weight model


Frame re-usable
Lenses fully recyclable