UV-C best technology for Covid-19 virus inactivation

Covid-19 is spread through the air. Ventilation in buildings is therefore important, but not always possible or practical, especially not in autumn/winter. SafeClearProducts has focussed on anti-Covid-19 products that can be used while people are in the room/building. The conclusion from our investigation is that the best technology is UV-C.

There are 2 ways in which UV-C can be used for air disinfection:

  • A unit that is placed in a room so the air is treated in that room
  • A unit that is placed in a HVAC (Heat Ventilation Air Conditioning) system so the air can be treated in an entire building
SafeAirFlow Inline of ClearSafeProducts

Comparison of anti Covid-19 virus UV-C units for usage in rooms

ClearSafeProducts has compared more then 15 units that can be used for room treatment. The highest ranking is for the product SafeAirFlow2. Units SafeAirFlow3 and SafeAirFlow4 will be introduced in February/March 2021 (using even further improved technology).

Custom made anti Covid-19 virus UV-C solution for HVAC

Units for HVAC entire building solutions are very difficult to compare because they are always 'custom made'. ClearSafeProduct has selected a product that can determine the required technical design upfront and online. Based on technical specifications of an existing HVAC system, a special software program calculates the required UV-C installation needed to reduce 99.99% of Covid-19 in the air that passes the unit. See SafeAirFlow Inline for more explanation.

Benefits SafeAirFlow



Highest UV-C power at lowest costs


>99.99% Covid-19 reduction


Room and HAVC solutions