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Problem with existing HVAC units and Covid-19

The Covid-19 virus can be spread through air. Central air-conditioning, heating and ventilation systems (HVAC) in buildings are designed to recirculate air in the building. In a central unit the air is partly refreshed (incoming air stream from outside), treated and blown back into the building. In recent years there has been focus on reduction of the energy cost (cooling/heating) and only a small portion of the recirculated air is refreshed with outside air during this process. Given the current Covid-19 situation this is a huge problem.

SafeAirFlow Inline of ClearSafeProducts
SafeAirFlow Inline of ClearSafeProducts

HVAC and Covid-19: only ventilation or adding UV-C

One solution to avoid Covid-19 spread is to stop recirculation completely and only ventilate using 100% fresh outside air. This has a huge impact on energy costs though and also the heating/cooling system has to be changed to increase capacity at high costs.

The other solution is effective and simple. Position a UV-C disinfection treatment unit in the return duct/channel that blows the air back into the building.

Advantages of adding UV-C into HVAC systems to inactivate Covid-19

UV-C is the most effective technique to inactivate Covid-19 virus. By adding the unit inline in the existing Heat Ventilation Air-Conditioning system you:

  • Reduce Covid-19 by > 99.99%
  • Avoid the 5 disadvantages of ventilation
  • Keep your current HVAC system running in the same operation as always
  • No need to invest to adjust HVAC system
  • Keep the energy balance in your system, no additional heating/cooling costs.
SafeAirFlow Inline of ClearSafeProducts

Calculate the required UV-C in your HVAC system online

The selected system is custom made. You can send the specifications of your current HVAC system to ClearSafeProducts online. Based on that info a software program calculates the required UV-C treatment to ensure >99.99% Covid-19 reduction. The solution can be produced and your installation company can add the inline system onto your existing HVAC system. Read more about this Inline solution and advantages here.

Benefits SafeAirFlow Inline



Minimum 620 Watt UV-C anti-virus power


Online calculation: >99.99% Covid-19 reduction


No change of current HVAC installation needed