Face Shield & Splash Protection Glasses

Why to wear Face shields or splash protection glasses

Pathogens and viruses can be trapped/attached to aerosols and float in the air for minutes and even hours. Face masks are the appropriate measure for protection (see also Face Mask.) But to protect eyes against larger droplets Faces Shields or Splash Protection Glasses are the appropriate personal protection (PPE).

Which Face Shield or Splash Protection Glasses to choose

Next to common sense, there is also legislation. It is clear that in European countries employers are obliged to offer their employees certified PPE products. In this case certified according to regulation EU 2016/425. In some countries (like in The Netherlands) it is even OBLIGED BY LAW to provide personnel these certified products when employers can face 'danger for death or long-term injury' during their work. Everyone working with other people or in areas where for instance Covid-19 could infect that employer is therefore subject to this law. Given the Covid-19 characteristics this includes almost everyone.

So certified products (by a notified body) or approval by national government authority are required. This CE 2016/425 certification is the primary selection criteria for every organisation searching for these products for their (medical) personnel.

Compare Face Shields and glasses based on several elements

ClearSafeProducts has compared different Face Shields and selected a Best Buy. See for more information the information page Face Shields.

Face Shield by ClearSafeProducts, The Netherlands

To select the best Splash Protection Glasses is, given the huge variety of brands, models and types, impossible. Still there are some characteristics that can be taken into account when selecting proper Splash Protection Glasses, see the information page.

Splash Protection Glasses by ClearSafeProducts, The Netherlands

Benefits Face Shield & Splash Protection Glasses



EU 2016/425 certified/approved


High comfort, good/superb visibility, light weight models


Frame re-usable
Lenses/shields can be replaced