Face Shield 2016/425

Elements to compare Face Shields

ClearSafe Products has compared different Face Shields. Some with a foam strip at the fore-head and others with an open frame structure. Several elements were judged:

  • Protection against splashes/spray
  • Comfort to wear
  • Transparency of the shield (especially important when you wear it for a longer time per day)
  • Replaceability of the shield (multiple use)
  • Correct certification for 'actions that could cause death or serious permanent/long lasting injury' EU 2016/425
Face Shield by ClearSafeProducts, The Netherlands
Face Shield by ClearSafeProducts, The Netherlands
Face Shield by ClearSafeProducts, The Netherlands

Face Shield developed by medical university hospital

The product with the best professional characteristics is the PR3 Face Shield. It is developed and made for specific protection against Covid-19 in mind. It is developed with the medical staff and medical personnel of a large University Hospital in The Netherlands. Aim was to develop a face shield that would obtain all required certification, but even more importantly, would be the best shield on the market in the protection against droplets/splashes. Severe tests have been committed by spraying from different angles to obtain the best design.

Face Shield with extra neck and chin protection and best optical shield

The PR3 Face Shield is the only product in the market that can be shaped to provide more prevention in the neck and chin area.

It is also the only Face Shield on the market that has a Shield element made from Lexan which has the best optical characteristics. Especially when the user has to wear a face shield for a prolonged time, their eyes will be extremely tired when they have to look through regular face shields.

The 2016/425 CE by a notified body is obliged by law for interventions that can cause long term injury (as with Covid-19)

The PR3 shield has the correct certification, it has the examination certificate on EU 2016/425, by notified body BSI, nr 2797). It is therefore also allowed to use the PR3 in surgery rooms.

Face Shield by ClearSafeProducts, The Netherlands
Face Shield by ClearSafeProducts, The Netherlands
Face Shield by ClearSafeProducts, The Netherlands

PLEASE NOTE: In the Netherlands employers are OBLIGED by law, to offer their employees certified personal safety products by EU 2016/425. At all interventions where employees could be in contact with anything that 'potentially could cause death or serious permanent injury' the employer is obliged to offer his employees EU 2016/425 certified Face Shields. Since Civid-19 can cause death or permanent/long lasting injury all personnel that is professionally in contact with people that could infect them with Covid-19 should be offered 2016/425 certified products. (Self made 'declarations of conformity' are not enough, these certifications need to be provided by an official notified body). This also includes home care workers, workers at Corona test-locations, public transport personnel, airport personnel, police, etc.

End users are extremely positive about the practical advantages of PR3 shield

What end-users say about the PR3 shield:

  • Light, easy and comfortable to wear
  • Very good sight, great transparency of the shields
  • Easy to replace the shields from the frame
  • Low cost because of reusability of the frame
  • Fewer waste compared to fixed (foam) face shields, more environmental friendly

Benefits Face Shield



Developed with medical university hospital


High comfort, superb visual shield, light model


2016/425 examination CE by notified body