Reusable Face Masks

Non medical face masks, not only protect the other, but also yourself

There are 2 types of face masks: medical (like FFP2) and non medical. The non medical face masks can be divided in 2 groups: disposable and reusable. ClearSafeProducts investigated the reusable/washable face masks.

The basics are simple: a non medical face mask is meant to protect the other person. The problem is that there are no official guidelines or test values that a non medical face masks should meet. Therefore there is a huge variety of different reusable face masks available. In an article in the New York Times there are several guidelines and advises on how to make a reusable mask that, next to protect the other, also has the maximum effect on protecting yourself.

Maximise comfort and protection of reusable face masks

ClearSafeProducts has looked into these elements and found a reusable face mask (The Nano Silver face mask) that has some special characteristics:

  • Special anti microbial layer (made by Toray, Japan, one of the largest membrane technology companies worldwide)
  • Certified to remove over 99,9% bacteria within 24 hours (see the test reports from Intertek, SGS and Fiti)
  • Comfortable design: special nose clip and adjustable ear attachment loops
Face Mask by ClearSafeProducts, The Netherlands
Face Mask by ClearSafeProducts, The Netherlands
Face Mask by ClearSafeProducts, The Netherlands

Reusable face mask test results disclosed

ClearSafeProducts is (as far as we know) the only company that has tested the reusable face masks by an official test institute and is also disclosing the results in public. In this case Kalibra (the official test institute for face masks working for the Dutch government) has tested 'Nano Silver' reusable face mask. The conclusions:

  • The Nano silver is blocking 12% parts of <0,3 micron and 34% parts <0,5 micron. This is lower then FFP face masks, but this is logical, Nano Silver is no medical face mask.
  • The result of Nano Silver is much better then 2 other comparable reusable cotton face masks.
  • The air resistance of nano Silver is better then medical face masks, so it is easier to breath while wearing the mask.
  • After 30 washes it becomes more difficult to breath while wearing the mask.
  • The protection level remains the same up-to 30x washing the Nano Silver mask.

The Nano Silver mask can be supplied in 10 different colours and also in kids size (and 5 different colours).

More information on the Nano Silver mask can be read in the product information.

Benefits Face Masks



Anti-bacterial middle layer by Toray


Tested in The Netherlands by Kalibra


Special nose clip and adjustable at ears