Automatic door-handle disinfection

ClearSafeHandle is an automatic door handle disinfection unit that disinfects after each use, on the top AND bottom of the handle.

Door-handles; extremely contaminated

Door handles are a huge source of pathogens and viruses. Studies are diverse; but especially doors at toilets carry the largest contamination. (See Cross contamination is a large concern. Cleaning protocols are often carried out in for instance toilet/sanitary spaces, but this often is done once every 1 or 2 hours. Cross contamination starts again after each touch though.

ClearSafeHandle - colonies number by ClearSafeProducts, The Netherlands

ClearSafeHandle automatic disinfection after each usage

The ClearSafeHandle unit uses disinfection spray that is (10 seconds after movement) automatically sprayed on both the top AND bottom of the door handle. The aerosol-spray is distributed evenly on the handle resulting in proper activity to increase the safety of every user.

Clinical study proves effectiveness ClearSafeHandle

It is not difficult to prove the working of a disinfection product in a laboratory. More important is the effect in real usage. Therefore the ClearSafeHandle was tested in a hospital. Door handles with and without the ClearSafeHandle were compared. The results were consistent: the treated door handles had 85 percent less germ-density than the untreated door handles. Read more about the Clinical study.

ClearSafeHandle used in bathrooms, toilets and laboratories by ClearSafeProducts, The Netherlands
ClearSafeHandle used in toilets and bathrooms by ClearSafeProducts, The Netherlands
ClearSafeHandle used in laboratories by ClearSafeProducts, The Netherlands

Practical operation

The ClearSafeHandle unit:

  • Can be fitted on a door using the double sided adhesive pads supplied with the unit
  • 4 AA batteries will operate the unit and a LED light signals low battery level
  • Front LED’s aluminate 3 seconds before spray
  • Size: 32cm high, 6cm width, 5cm depth
  • Each capsule ensures around 550 disinfection sprays. The aerosol capsule can be replaced in the unit, a LED light signals the need for replacement.

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Benefits ClearSafeHandle



Automatic disinfection after each use


Increase safety of users


Disinfection spray on top AND bottom of handle