Covid-19 Rapid & SELF test

Difference between Professional rapid-test and SELF-test

Corona rapid tests must be performed under supervision of a qualified person. The new antigen SELF-TESTS may be performed without the supervision qualified personnel, hence the name SELF-TEST.

In medical rapid tests, normally the swab stick is inserted through the nose and the sample should be taken in the posterior nasopharynx (see O). In self-testing, the sample can be taken 2 to 3 cm up the nose (see X).

Medical Rapid-test vs Self-test

ClearSafeProducts offers both Professional & Self test: both nose swab (like X)

The ClearSafeProducts tests for professionals can be used everywhere in the European Union. The SELF test is today only allowed to be used in Austria and Germany. In other counties governments are gradually also allowing Self-tests. Both the professional and Self-tests are made by Lepu-Medical and imported directly through ClearSafeProducts.

Rapid and SELF-test products - ClearSafeProducts

ClearSafeProducts offers the SELF test as allowed in Germany, see Covid-19 antigen Selbst-test Dld.

Check the professional test user instruction (in English) or the consumer self-test user instruction (in German) to see that the tests are the same, just the details of the explanation and packaging are different.

For more information on the availability and pricing of the Professional and SELF test please contact us.

Benefits AirSensor



Nose swab (only 2 to 3 cm)


Very easy to carry out


Both professional & Self test