ClearSafe AirSensor (unique: aerosol detection)

How to measure and monitor the air quality properly

Proper air quality information gives you the ability to act. When CO2 is too high, you loose concentration and to solve this you can ventilate with outside air. When the dust/pollen level is to high, you need to filter better. High TVOC values mean that there are too much toxic gasses in the air.

But what about aerosols? Until today the available sensors measure fine dust using PM10 and PM2,5 sensors. These sensors therefore measure fine-dust particles of 2,5 and 10 micron. (1 micron = 0,001 millimetre). Aerosols however are much smaller then this. Normal breathing aerosols range between 0,2 and 0,6 micron (Journal of Aerosol Medicine). It are these aerosols that transport viruses out of the lungs of patients and be present in the room for hours. But these aerosols are not detected by normal PM10 en PM2,5 sensors.

The new ClearSafe AirSensor however has 2 unique added sensors: PM1 and PM0,3 sensors (1 micron and 0,3 micron). These sensors measure aerosols and very fine-dust particles and therefore provide much better information on the room indoor air quality.

The AirSensor is so reliable that it is used for several University studies on aerosols and as well in the Amsterdam Arena (study for behaviour of aerosols in stadiums).

Test aerosols and corona in Johan Cruijff ArenA in Amsterdam

See further information on the AirSensor and aerosol detection in the Air sensor with aerosol detection.

The sensor measures 5 different parameters

The ClearSafe AirSensor measures the most important parameters of the indoor climate:

  • CO2
  • TVOC
  • humidity
  • temperature
  • Aerosols/ fine dust

Control and manage by App

Every second these parameters are measured and transferred by wifi to the app on your mobile device (both Android and I-os are available in either Dutch or English language) and makes you aware of your living and working environment. See the Handleiding ClearSafe Air Sensor. As stated, it measures so precisely that it can even determine the aerosol level.

The accompanying app (activated by a QR code) gives you real-time insight into how comfortable and healthy the air quality is and notifies you when limit values are reached (based on World Health Organisation standards). As a result you can act to ensure the best air quality possible. It also allows you to discover trends, view historical data, monitor equipment and predict maintenance.

ClearSafe AirSensors can be connected to app - ClearSafeProducts

Multiple ClearSafe AirSensors can be connected to the app, so entire buildings (like schools, office buildings, hospitals, elderly home-care, entertainment locations etc) can be monitored. You can choose to see the results on 1 or multiple devices.

Benefits AirSensor



Unique: Aerosol detection


Control by App on mobile or tablet


Multiple sensors managed by the app