About us

The people that started ClearSafeProducts have their roots in food safety; at the company Clear Inn Food. There we help food processing companies to increase their hygiene, food safety and efficiency at the same time. We do this by giving advice, sourcing the best products and introduce innovations, see www.clear-inn-food.com.

In the Food Industry we learned that the best way to fight bacteria is to diversify. So; do not fully rely on 1 disinfectant or 1 procedure but use different products next to each other. In this way the sum of the effectiveness is much higher. So; do not try to find 1 product that has 100% effect, but use 3 or 4 products next to each other with each 70-90% effect. When you apply these 3 or 4 products together the hygiene situation increases > 99%. At the end this method is cheaper and much more reliable.

In May 2020 we were asked what would be our approach towards Covid-19. What would be our way to reduce the chance of contamination? With the knowledge and experience from the food industry we started to look at the real issue. How is Covid-19 spread and what can you do to avoid this.

We believe it is clear that Covid-19 spreads in 2 ways:

  • Through the air (using aerosols or dust-particles as vehicle to move)
  • Through surfaces (attaching to surfaces, waiting for a person to touch it)

We also believe that:

  • We can learn from Asian countries (what do they do)
  • A product/solution should be practical and as cheap as possible

So, we started to look at different existing technologies and products. Soon we found that there a a lot of manufacturers/suppliers that claim that their product works best against Covid-19. When we studied these claims we saw that some claims are correct are others a complete nonsense. It takes knowledge and a lot of time though to dig in to this matter. We then decided that our mission at ClearSafeProducts would be to help the end-user to select the most effective product.

We therefore looked at different product solutions to reduce contamination through air and by surface. We learned about different scientific studies and have created product comparisons and product ratings. We share these studies and comparison openly so you can judge yourself what would be the best product for you.

Our advice: use different products next to each other. The combination of different products makes the chance of contamination lower then only applying 1 product.

Disclaimer: SafeClearProducts has done the investigations and made the reports and ratings with the best intentions. We used public knowledge and provide the information as open as possible. We cannot, in any way, be held responsible, direct or indirect, for the results. Also, use of any of the mentioned and compared products does not guarantee that people or animals will not be infected by Covid-19 or any other virus or bacteria.